Colleen Demling, CPDT

Colleen Demling

Dog trainer Colleen Demling, CPDT, of Pawtopia Dog Training.  Photo by Dave Oei.

Our doctors had the opportunity to meet Colleen Demling soon after we opened our hospital in 2005.  She was referred to us by Suzy Korn, one of our first registered veterinary technicians and also a former dog trainer.  Colleen had been training service dogs at Canine Companions for Independence in Oceanside before setting off on her own and starting Pawtopia Dog Training.

Over the years, we’ve found that Colleen’s skills are synonymous with high quality service, patience, and amazing training.   She has and continues to impress us with her professionalism and compassion she shows to all her dogs-in-training. This isn’t too surprising, as she has thousands of hours of hands-on experience and many methodologies to pull from.  But we also hear directly from our clients: They all speak very favorably of her abilities and never hesitate to refer Colleen to their friends.

In 2007, Colleen became a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT).  She also now provides private at-home instruction as well as group lessons throughout San Diego.  To find out more information about her availability you can visit her website, or contact her below.

Colleen Demling at Pawtopia Dog Training

Phone: 858.414.7797